Math Review

- Learn with our basic GMAT math reviews that are composed of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Word Problem Appropriate for GMAT beginners and those experienced with GMAT who want to refresh and sharpen their basic math skills.

Math Secret

- Math secret consists of 19 types of GMAT sample questions which provide solutions through the Variable and IVY approaches
- Complete understanding of the Math secret provides insight on how to solve any GMAT math practice question including The Official Guide with the most efficiency. You will find yourself solving questions with ease, speed and accuracy.


- The most fundamental “must-learn” course for all GMATTERS. - To fully learn the core theories for PS and DS (16 sections each)
- Learn the one-and-only world’s first IVY Approach for PS and the Variable Approach for DS - Start from the very basic GMAT math questions and finish with the most advanced ones using the IVY and Variable Approaches. Learn how to score 45+ in the Quantitative section.


- Recommended to GMAT beginners who need to practice at an introductory level for the GMAT math questions.
- Find the solutions to the most frequent problems that include the topics of integers, statistics, inequalities, probability and absolute value.


- The first 9 questions of the GMAT math exam are very crucial toward hitting a high score based on the CAT (Computerized Adaptive Test). The more correct answers you get, the better you will do on the higher-level questions that follow. If you do not do well on these first questions, it will be very difficult to recover and get a high score on GMAT Math exam. Therefore, it is vital to be 100% prepared for the first 9 questions.
- We will cover each type of question you are likely to get in this early stage of the exam and train you with sample questions from the actual exam.
- Our approach is designed for you to be 100% prepared and build a sound mathematical foundation to reach a score of 45.


- Most appropriate for students aiming for a score between 50-51 on their GMAT
- Provides the solutions to hard problems with simple logic and 10 extra tips that have been unseen until now.
- Provides our unique CMT (Common Mistake Types) that determine a score between 50-51
- Takes a comprehensive look at the relationship between the Variable Approach and the Common Mistake Types.

Practice Test

- The Practice Test provides 7 sets of practice tests (2 sets of videos, 5 sets of PDF’s) according to the most current trend in GMAT Math.
- Each practice test consists of 37 questions. On each test, you acquire more than 49 points if less than 5 answers are wrong, 45-48 points when getting 5-10 answers wrong, and 40-44 points when getting 10-15 answers wrong.

Official Guide 2016/2017

- This course is a complete guide for math practice questions in the Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016/2017
- No other prep courses offer the Official Guide videos which teach solutions exactly as instructed by the Official Guide.
- We teach and solve the Official Guide problems using the Variable approach (DS) and IVY approach (PS).
You will learn how to tackle each problem with maximum efficiency and speed. Please make sure you have purchased the publication before taking this course.

Special Question Pack

- These are the final questions (over 150 questions) that can help you reach extraordinary GMAT achievement.
- 50% of the questions are at the Q45-48 level, and the other 50% of the questions are at the Q49-51 level
- This question set is composed of most up-to-date questions that appear most frequently on the exam.
- It provides the key questions that take up 80% of the exam (Integer, Statistics, Inequality, Probability, Absolute Value) plus Geometry questions that students find most difficult.
- It provides CMT 3, 4 (Common Mistake Type) questions, which appear most frequently on Q49-51.
It is best to solve them in 7-10 days prior to the exam, making it possible to reach a score of 49 or more.