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Feel free to book now! For GMAT study plans to achieve your target score, meet with one of our team members at your convenient time.

Feel free to book now! For GMAT study plans to achieve your target score, meet with one of our team members


"Thank you for your call last week"

Thank you for your email and for the call last week. It was truly helpful. I am trying to implement the techniques that I learned with you. Let's see what happens and hope for the best. I would like to thank you one more time for your attention.

"Great Intro Meeting"

Punit is very knowledgeable and got me excited to begin the study process and gave me the confidence to believe I could successfully learn the concepts to get the score I needed!

"Thank you for your time!"

It was a great session. I’m yet to apply the process we discussed. Thanks a lot!

"I got a Q49 on the last mock I took."

I got a 680 ( Q42, V41, IR 6), my maths performance didn't improve drastically however I retained my verbal skills. Thus I was able to get a decent score. I got a Q49 on the last mock I took. Don't really understand what happened but it's still an improvement from the 590 (Q36, V35, IR 7) I got in December, so thank you . Overall, your course was excellent. My feedback is that apart from the questions after each topic, there should be more questions in practice. There should be more options to break the practice test into smaller chunks. The video player could be improved massively. The explanations for the practice test could be rewritten for some questions,there are still some errors in some questions and in a few slides used in the theory part. I can confidently say that if I had begun my preparation with you guys, I would have definitely scored much better. I still might go for a reattempt to maybe get my scores up. I will keep you posted.

"Math Revolution: 1-on-1 Comprehensive Counseling"

First of all thanks a lot Punit to take out time for the 1 to 1 session and the session was great as I got all my queries resolved. Special thanks for boosting my confidence and making me understand that getting a higher difficulty level question wrong doesn't mean that I don't know that topic and don't have to go back to basics or revise the concept from scratch. It just that I haven't dealt with that question type or concept been tested earlier.

"I scored 750 (Q49)."

Early in December, I had a free one on one with Punit Joshi from Math Revolution. The session was incredible. In under 30 mins, he set out a topic wise strategy for me, which consisted of doing 10-15 600-700 level questions per topic, then read the theory, and then after a few hours doing 10 700 level questions of that topic. This made me a lot more confident with the Quant. I scored 750 (Q49). Thank you, Math Revolution (Punit)

"Free Counselling With Punit "

Punit was very helpful in suggesting study plans/necessary steps to move forward and improve my score. He truly helped me out and gave me guidance

"Helpful video session"

I took a video session conducted by Mr. Punit Joshi for identifying my strategy to take the GMAT. I have only 2 weeks and he guided me well and recommended methods I could use to improve my score significantly. Looking forward to implementing these methods. Very helpful and highly recommended!

"Counselling session feedback"

Good session with Punit. His inputs were insightful and helpful.

"Surely get in touch with you for more queries"

Thank you for your email and I will surely get in touch with you for more queries. Once again thank you for your session. It really helps me to find the right way to study for GMAT.