GMAT Math Research Institute

    • Max Lee and his team have taught GMAT math to a total of 30,000 students in 17 years and have taken the GMAT exam a total of 27 times. This remarkable experience has made it possible for us to develop and resolve over 100,000 questions.
    • We have developed the World's First Variable Approach for GMAT MATH DS (Data Sufficiency) questions.
    • We have developed the World's First IVY Approach for GMAT MATH PS (Problem Solving) questions.

    • Our institute helps students reach higher scores by providing revolutionary approaches and solutions which arm them to solve all 37 questions 10 minutes prior to the exam’s end.
    • For 17 years students have reported an average score of 49 points.
    • We have provided lectures for leading global companies that are willing to invest in their employees with MBA programs.