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GMAT Club is the No. 1 GMAT company
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We have the highest rating
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We have partnered with Gmat Club
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their target scores within
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(DS Question 1)

A clinical trial, conducted at hospital Z in Virginia, aimed to test the efficacy of drug X in the treatment of arthritis patients who had not seen any improvement using existing drugs. The hospital reported that, of the participants with arthritis, 60 percent showed improvement, while 55 percent experienced the side-effect of an increased heart rate. What percent of participants in this clinical trial experienced neither any side effects nor any improvement?

1) Hospital Z announced that 40 percent of the participants who showed improvement experienced the side-effect of an increased heart rate.
2) Hospital Z announced that 31 percent of clinical trial participants showed no improvement and experienced the side-effect of a raised heart rate.

(PS Question 1)

x is m percent of y, and z is k percent of y. If mk≠0, what percent is x of z in terms of m and k?

A. 100km
B. 100/km
C. 100m/k
D. 100k/m
E. km/100